Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange is at the very heart of the work we do at CaCHE. We have a dedicated team of people helping to facilitate genuine collaboration by bringing together academics, users of research, wider groups and communities to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise. We engage with external stakeholders from across the housing sector to ensure that our work is relevant to the current issues and challenges, is addressing the existing gaps in evidence and disseminating findings in ways that are accessible to all our research users.

We also acknowledge that there are very different housing challenges being found across the UK. We have therefore configured CaCHE as a distributed ‘hub and spoke’ model, active in all parts of the country, designed to ensure geographic reach and nationwide relevance. It has a permanent presence in London, Sheffield, Cardiff, Belfast and Glasgow.

The CaCHE KE team is overseen by Gavin Smart and includes:

Scotland: Moira Munro and Gareth James

North England & Midlands: Ed Ferrari and Gareth Young

South & South West England: Chris Foye

Northern Ireland: Stanley McGreal and Joe Frey

Wales: Peter Mackie and Bob Smith

Read more about our approach to Knowledge Exchange in this blog.