‘A New Narrative for Housing’: Making the Economic Case for Housing

photo of house keys

Recently, our colleague and CaCHE advisory board member, Prof Hal Pawson of the University of New South Wales, contributed to an ABC radio programme about housing. In this discussion he was able to make arguments familiar to CaCHE followers relating to affordability, the relative status of housing within national government cabinets, the economic productivity case for housing, and arguments proposing shifting away from second-hand housing as a store of wealth. Some of this discussion can also be found in the recent project for Policy Scotland entitled shaping futures, led by Duncan MacLennan and also involving Hal, Ken Gibb and David Hulchanski.

You can listen to this interesting discussion which while from an Australian context, will has plenty of resonance with UK listeners.




Date: March 9, 2021 2:12 pm


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