Dr Theo Barry Born

Research Associate

Dr Theo Barry Born is a Research Associate with the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE).


Dr Theo Barry Born is a Research Associate at CaCHE, based at the University of Sheffield. His contributions to CaCHE are focused on the thematic work on housing inequality. His research interests include spatial inequalities, housing precarity, housing informality, alternative housing futures, and the interface of housing and climate justice.

Theo holds a PhD in Geography from Queen Mary University of London, completed in 2021. This research explored how and why London as a city affords so little space in its housing to migrant workers and families through a multi-sited, mixed-method ethnographic approach to the economies, lived experiences, and politics of overcrowding among migrants living in private rental housing in London. During this time, Theo was engaged in tenant union organising, welfare advocacy, and delivering housing rights workshops.

Following his PhD, Theo has taught political geography and urban politics at the London School of Economics and convened modules on urban and economic geography at QMUL. Theo was previously a researcher at the New Policy Institute, where he contributed to statistical reports on poverty for Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Trust for London

Dr Theo Barry Born Headshot
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