Annika Hjelmskog

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Annika Hjelmskog


Dr Annika Hjelmskog is a Research Associate at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, based at the University of Glasgow. Her work is focussed on the health and wellbeing of both people and the planet, and is currently working on a collaborative City Portrait for Glasgow that applies Doughnut Economics at the city level. This transdisciplinary project is being undertaken with partners in multiple sectors, and will capture a multi-dimensional, pluralistic understanding of what ‘thriving’ means in the context of Glasgow.

Annika completed her PhD in Planning and Environmental Management at the University of Manchester in 2021, writing the thesis: ‘Assessing the role of housing association activity in tackling health inequalities in Greater Manchester’. While at the University of Manchester she worked as a Teaching Assistant on several planning modules, and as a researcher at the Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit.

Outside academia, Annika has held public health roles in population health and health inequalities, at both regional and national organisations.

To view Annika’s full biography visit the University of Glasgow website.

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