Home improvement services in England – national evaluation

This project brings together a consortium of partners to evaluate different models of home improvement services in England. The work will further develop research evidence relating to housing quality. The project is funded by the Centre for Ageing Better.

CaCHE co-investigators and researchers will be working alongside colleagues at the Centre for Regional, Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University (project leads), the University of Stirling, the Building Research Establishment, and Foundations (the national body for Disabled Facilities Grand and Home Improvement Agencies in England).

The project seeks to:

  • Fill an evidence gap in research around the availability and impact of home improvement services
  • Evaluate case studies of home improvement services to identify areas of best practice and high-quality
  • Engage in knowledge exchange with national and local policymakers to demonstrate the impacts of comprehensive home improvement services for individual wellbeing and broader health, housing, and social care services.
  • Provide useable learning for policymakers, actively engaging with policy and practice communities to implement good practice in home improvement services.

The project team seeks to understand the difference that a high-quality and comprehensive service has on individual service users, using quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate, working with various stakeholders, and circulating key findings for different groups.

A whole strand of work dedicated to embedding lived experience in the evaluation will run for the project’s duration. This means the design, conduct, analysis and dissemination of the evaluation will be guided by insight from those with lived experience of home improvement services.

Project duration

May 2023 – October 2024

There is currently a call for evidence to gather information and insights from professionals with knowledge of home improvement services.