A blueprint for energy-efficient traditional tenements?

Join us in the Green Zone at COP26 in Glasgow on Sunday 7 November, 10-11.30am, where CaCHE Director, Professor Ken Gibb, will discuss this major collaborative project which will evaluate the carbon reduction secured by a high-quality EnerPHit retrofit of an eight-property tenement block in Glasgow.

This project is funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), as part of its recent Climate Emergency Collaboration Challenge.

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Launched in February 2020, this project seeks to achieve EnerPHit standards of retrofit fabric first and renewables in energy supply. The fabric works involve external wall insulation (rear and gable), internal wall insulation (front), triple glazed windows, loft insulation, waste water heat recovery, mechanical ventilation heat recovery, ground floor insulation, improved internal layout and floor joist removal. Air source heat pumps will be installed alongside control group gas boilers in specific properties for comparative purposes.

The retrofit is funded by Southside Housing Association, Glasgow City Council and Scottish Government and is delivered by CCG Construction, John Gilbert Architects and the HA. The evaluation is paid for by the Scottish Funding Council and delivered by CaCHE, University of Strathclyde, John Gilbert Architects, Southside HA and Glasgow City Council.

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Date: October 27, 2021 3:39 pm


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