ESRC Festival of Social Science 2020: Twitter Q&As


The ESRC Festival of Social Science 2020 is underway and all this week CaCHE theme leads will be answering your questions, via Twitter, on our programme of work on housing policy and Covid-19.

The ESRC Festival of Social Science is an annual celebration of the social sciences. You can read more about the Festival and events here.

We’ll be on Twitter from 12:00-13:00 every day this week. Our programme looks like this:

Mon 9 Nov: Prof Alex Marsh (@AMarshUoB) Covid-19 and the private rented sector

Tue 10 Nov: Prof Suzanne Fitzpatrick (via @housingevidence) Covid-19 and homelessness

Wed 11 Nov: Prof Ken Gibb (@Gibb6781) The housing market & economy in Covid-19 lockdown and future recovery

Thurs 12 Nov: Prof Flora Samuel (@FloraArchitect) How housing & places need to change due to the pandemic

Fri 13 Nov: Prof Mark Stephens (@MarkStephens64) Covid-19 & the resilience of housing systems and their institutions

There is no registration required. Simply log in to Twitter and follow the discussion by following our Twitter account and/or those noted above, or search for the hashtag #AskCaCHE.

HOW DO I ASK A QUESTION? To ask a questions, tweet your questions directly to us (@housingevidence) or to the relevant theme lead above (e.g. @Gibb6781), either in advance of or during the Q&A, and include #AskCaCHE to assist us in responding and collating tweets and responses. Questions will be answered in the form of tweets.

If you’d prefer, you can also submit a question via our website.

The questions and answers from each of these sessions will be collated and summarised in a series of blog posts to be published on the CaCHE website throughout the week.

So, if you have a question, please do get in touch!


Date: November 9, 2020 11:07 am


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