First live recording of Equality in Housing now available

Housing Options Scotland and the UK Centre for Collaborative Housing Evidence (CaCHE) recently hosted the first-ever live episode of the award-winning Equality in Housing podcast in Edinburgh.

The discussion, featuring housing advocates Gordon MacRae, Aer Nicholson Clasby, and Iain Chisholm, delved into the complexities of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) concerning human rights and the right to housing in Scotland.

Gordon MacRae, Assistant Director for Communications and Advocacy at Shelter Scotland, emphasised Shelter’s commitment to viewing housing as a fundamental human right. He highlighted the unfortunate reality of denied rights, especially for those under protected characteristics, stressing the need for transformative approaches. MacRae outlined Shelter Scotland’s focus on influencing government responses and internal structural changes, aiming to actively dismantle systemic barriers within organisations.

Aer Nicholson Clasby, Project Manager at GCVS, shared insights from the THRE project, advocating for an “equality and human rights first” mindset. Clasby emphasised the importance of recognising diversity beyond visible aspects and integrating human rights principles into decision-making, particularly in housing policies, for more impactful outcomes.

Iain Chisholm, representing Positive Action in Housing, discussed the organisation’s focus on addressing issues related to race and housing, especially for individuals excluded due to immigration laws. Chisholm highlighted the daily challenges in providing people with the necessary space, information, and knowledge to navigate housing issues. He stressed the need for equality of access and participation, particularly in areas like immigration law and housing, where barriers persist.

The panel, moderated by Gareth Young from CaCHE and Pedro Cameron, discussed various aspects of EDI, emphasising the importance of a holistic approach rooted in human rights. They urged organisations to move beyond a checklist mentality and embrace inclusivity in service design. The discussion highlighted the imperative for a broader perspective beyond rhetoric, actively addressing systemic issues to make housing accessible to all.

You can listen to the podcast here.


Date: December 8, 2023 12:40 pm


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