New report suggests modern methods of development could address housing supply problems

A new report by the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) has suggested that modern methods of development (MMD) can be a potential solution for addressing systemic housing supply problems.

The report by Dr Sarah Payne (University of Sheffield) and Dr Bilge Serin (University of Glasgow) highlights that MMC can offer numerous benefits, such as better building quality, high-quality control, faster construction, and reduced environmental impact. However, the uptake of MMC could be faster because of a narrow technical focus on MMC, which neglects other aspects of the development process.

Suggesting a new framing of modern methods of development (MMD) that shifts the focus away from construction to a broader institutional perspective, the report highlights the complexities of housebuilder business strategy, regulatory protocols, and end-user preferences. It recommends a comprehensive look at the whole development process to understand the drivers of MMC adoption.

The report recommends a comprehensive approach that considers the whole development process and highlights the importance of state leadership in promoting and incentivising MMC. By adopting a broader perspective, it argues that MMC can be used to increase the quality and quantity of housing supply, offering numerous benefits to the industry and end-users alike.

You can read the report here.


Date: April 13, 2023 12:14 pm


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