Scottish Housing Policy Conference 2019

On 24 April 2019, the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) and Policy Scotland co-delivered the Scottish Housing Policy Conference 2019, the theme of which was ‘Housing and Inclusive Growth: Revitalising Connections’. Find below a series of blogs and videos where speakers highlight the points they discussed in their presentations.



Professor Ken Gibb, Director of CaCHE, summarises his presentation on inclusive growth and housing in Scotland, in which he spoke about policy systems and forward agendas:

Richard Cairns, Executive Director of Infrastructure & Regeneration at West Dunbartonshire Council, talks about what drives inclusive growth at a regional level; the role of housing in unlocking inclusive growth; and the opportunities and challenges facing the Glasgow City Region.

Des McNulty, Deputy Director of Policy Scotland, summarises his presentation in which he spoke about developing a collaborative approach to delivering inclusive growth through housing:

In this video, the keynote speaker, Professor Duncan Maclennan, summarises his contribution to proceedings. We asked Duncan three questions: 1. What is the relationship between growth, inequality and housing? 2. What are the main knowledge/evidence gaps in relation to housing and inclusive growth in Scotland? 3. If you were speaking to the Scottish Government, what would you say should be the main policy priorities to deliver inclusive growth through housing?


Download the presentations from the conference.


Date: May 8, 2019 1:27 pm


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