Health and wellbeing in the private rented sector

Project Summary

Housing is a key socio-determinate of health and wellbeing and has the potential to reduce or reinforce health inequalities. Good housing not only safeguards health but also provides a base from where people can thrive within other aspects of their lives. Many people living in the private rented sector do not live in housing that is affordable, warm or free from hazards, with certain groups in society disproportionally affected. A significant amount of research addressing housing and health focuses on the physical dimensions of housing. Academics have increasingly argued that to create safe and healthy homes, policy and practice should not only focus on the structural conditions of housing as health drivers.

This project aims to increase our understanding of how living in the private rented sector affects wellbeing. Methods include a literature review, key stakeholder interviews and in-depth interviews with approximately 50 tenants.

Timeline: October 2020 – June 2021

Team: Dr Jennifer Harris (Lead Researcher), Dr Kim McKee Professor (Co-Investigator) Alex Marsh (Theme Lead), and Dr Gareth James (Knowledge Exchange)

Theme: Governance

Project outcomes:

Part 1: Health and wellbeing in the private rented sector. Part 1 | Literature review

Part 2: Health and wellbeing in the UK private rented sector, enhancing capabilities. Part 2 | findings from tenant interviews