Innovations in housing advice

Innovations in housing advice

Project summary

A growing number of people in the UK private rented sector find themselves in need of advice and support to resolve housing problems. These civil law issues can rapidly escalate into situations of crisis that leave households vulnerable to destitution and homelessness. The need for advice is likely to continue to grow as the impact from the COVID-19 crisis takes effect.

This study provides some practical examples of innovation in the provision of housing advice for tenants in the UK private rented sector. The findings are based on case studies and interviews with advice providers and clients, and on insights from existing legal needs research.

Timeline: August 2020 – January 2021

Team: Dr Jennifer Harris (Lead Researcher), Professor Alex Marsh (Co-Investigator and Theme Lead), and Dr Gareth James (Knowledge Exchange)

Theme: Governance

Publication: Innovation in housing advice in the UK private rented sector

Blog: Innovating to improve access to advice for renters