Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange (KE) is a process that brings together academics, users of research, wider groups and communities to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise. KE has societal, economic and cultural benefits, often referred to as ‘Impact’. In our approach to KE, we borrow from good practice and build on existing literature with the aim of embedding evidence in policymaking processes and practice communities.

While we are mindful of the challenges associated with synthesising and mobilising knowledge, and of assessing the quality of evidence produced, we believe that solutions to housing problems will only emerge by harnessing the expertise of world-leading academic researchers from a wide range of disciplines, drawing on knowledge from within different professional communities, and combining the work of existing networks operating at a variety of scales and in different locales.

We recognise that there are very different housing challenges to be found across the UK, which is why we are active in all parts of the country, ensuring geographic reach and nationwide relevance. Our team coordinates regional Knowledge Exchange Hubs, made up of key stakeholders from across local housing systems, and engages with residents and tenants through Residents’ Voice Focus Groups. Through these mechanisms, we are committed to the genuine co-production of research priorities.

Our team also plays a crucial role across all CaCHE projects, supporting the centre’s research activities and, in close collaboration with our Communications & Engagement Officer, helping to communicate and promote research and evidence in ways that maximise the centre’s impact.

In addition to the above, we are responsible for organising KE events, which help to test, refine and promote evidence from our reviews, collaborative projects and new research. These workshops and conferences tend to focus on specific housing problems.

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