Alternative approaches to resolving housing disputes

Project Summary

In recent years there has been increased policy interest in the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to help tenants and landlords resolve disagreements outside of courts or tribunals. Across the UK, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms have been introduced for certain housing disputes in the private rented sector. However, very little is currently known about the use of alternative dispute approaches within this context.

This research explores the nature, role and potential of alternative dispute resolution methods in resolving private rented sector housing disputes in the UK. Through a review of existing evidence and key stakeholder interviews, the project looks at the operation, strengths and limitations of existing alternative disputes resolution approaches in the UK private rented sector and draws on international examples where it has been used to resolve housing disputes. The study provides a discussion of key principles, practices and approaches that could be applied to the UK to facilitate improved dispute resolution for landlords and tenants.

Timeline: April 2019 – early 2020

Team: Dr Jennifer Harris (Lead Researcher), Professor Alex Marsh (Co-Investigator and Theme Lead), and Dr Gareth James (Knowledge Exchange)

Theme: Governance

Publication: Alternative approaches to resolving housing disputes

Policy briefingAlternative approaches to resolving housing disputes: Lessons for the UK from three international case studies