Beyond Generation Rent: understanding the aspirations of older private renters

Project summary:

The growth of the private rented sector (PRS) in the UK has fundamentally altered the housing tenure structure. Whilst most of the policy and media attention has been directed towards young people, who are now one of the largest segments in the PRS, the number of middle-aged renters is also on the rise. Yet this remains a relatively neglected area of housing research in comparison. This project seeks to address this gap. Through qualitative interviews, and photo elicitation, with private renters in England and Scotland (aged 35-54), it will provide a deeper understanding of the housing aspirations and lived experience of private tenants beyond ‘Generation Rent’. It will seek to influence policy to ensure policy interventions are appropriate for all age groups, as well as facilitate learning from policy developments in different parts of the UK.

Timeline: Starts February 2018

Team: Dr Kim McKee (Co-Investigator), Professor Moira Munro (Co-Investigator), Dr Adriana Mihaela Soaita (Research Associate) & Dr Gareth Young (Knowledge Exchange)

Theme: Choice

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