Drivers of performance in social housing

Project summary:

The debate over what shapes the performance of social housing organisations has recurred over the last four decades. But the issue has not been considered in detail by the academic community for some considerable time. Given the major organisational, financial, and technological changes that have affected housing providers over the last decade, this represents a major gap in our knowledge.

This project aims to address three key issues. First, how should we theorise the drivers of performance in social housing? Second, how can the experience of mechanisms of external regulation in policy areas such as health and education, and in the housing sector under previous regulatory regimes, inform current housing policy debates over the desirability and impacts of greater external performance regulation? Third, how does public reporting of key performance indicators, alongside other drivers of performance, feed through into organisational strategies and practices for performance improvement? It will address these issues conceptually, through an evidence review, and using a qualitative case study approach.

Timeline: May 2019 – December 2019

Team: Professor Alex Marsh (Co-Investigator), Professor Ken Gibb (Co-Investigator), Dr Adriana Soaita (Research Associate), Dr Chris Foye (Knowledge Exchange Associate)

Theme: Governance