Good practice review in international and UK lesson sharing/learning and policy transfer

Project Summary:

This project will engage closely with the policy analysis literature on policy transfer, mobility and translation both within devolved/federal structures and cross-nationally. The focus will be on learning cross-nationally rather than temporally (i.e. narrower than the overall policy transfer debate: policy transfer can be interpreted as transferring lessons across time, rather than space). Many of these ideas have yet to be applied rigorously to housing studies, including comparative housing research. The project will illustrate these ideas through case studies of urban housing and planning policy mobility and exemplars of policy divergence and learning across the four UK nations (e.g. homelessness, the right to buy, rental market regulation).

Timeline: From February 2018

Team: Professor Alex Marsh (Co-I), Professor Ken Gibb (Co-I), Dr Adriana Mihaela Soaita (RA) and Dr Gareth Young (KE)

Theme: Governance