How can innovation contribute to addressing the UK housing crisis?

Project Summary:

Innovation is a fundamental driver of industrial development and competitiveness, which applies to the housing sector as well. This project aims to examine the development, financing and market operation of innovative housing projects in the UK, such as Paintworks in Bristol and Low Impact Living Affordable Community (LILAC) in Leeds. It will look at ways in which developers, local communities and councils join forces to meet housing demand and make housing more affordable and sustainable. To this end, the project will include interviews with developers, residents and local authority housing officers, with the aim of answering three main questions: How did the project come into being? How is the financing of these projects designed? How does the market react to these new innovative albeit untraditional housing projects?

Team:  Dr Julie Tian Miao (Co-Investigator) and Dr Gareth James (KE)

Timeline:  May 2018 – December 2018

Theme: Markets

View final report: Housing the creative sector: A comparative study of Paintworks, Bristol and Baltic Triangle, Liverpool