How does the land supply system affect the business of UK speculative housebuilding? An Evidence Review

Project Summary:

The aim of the project is to evaluate some of the key strategies of the speculative housebuilding sector, especially in relation to land, planning and development. To achieve this aim, we are undertaking a systematic review of previous knowledge on the following four key areas of enquiry:

  • Land acquisition methods and processes;
  • The composition of land portfolios and questions of land ‘banking’;
  • Product selection and the mode of housing delivery, including construction methods; and
  • The speed of housing delivery, including build-out rates.

The project will establish a comprehensive knowledge and evidence base of how housebuilders acquire, process and build out land to determine how the supply system currently works and the current limitations to its operation. The final report will be available in January 2019.

Starts: January 2018

Team: Professor David Adams (Co-I), Dr Sarah Payne (Co-I), Dr Bilge Serin (RA), and Dr Gareth James (KE)

Theme: Market

View the final reports here: