How should we evaluate housing outcomes

Project Summary:

The project attempts to address the key question of how to measure the impact of housing policies and interventions. It starts by reviewing the evaluative frameworks used by different housing organisations with a view to understanding their appeal and examining their appropriateness. For example, some housing associations use wellbeing indicators to evaluate the social return on investment, while other local authorities focus only on objective measures such as rates of overcrowding. Why the difference, and is one more ethically appropriate than the other? The project then considers how the evaluative framework used by housing organisations can be improved. As a starting point, we consider a framework which integrates measures of wellbeing with Amartya Sen’s capabilities approach. The end goal is to develop an evaluative framework which is both philosophically coherent and user-friendly.

Starts: February 2018

Team: Professor David Clapham (Co-I) and Dr Chris Foye (RA & KE)

Theme: Wider Drivers

View the final report here: