Motherhood and homelessness – Intersectional challenges of parenting, health and identity

Project summary:

This project focuses on the maternal experiences and identities of homeless women. It will explore overlapping themes of motherhood, ‘lost motherhood’ (i.e. women who are separated from their children) and reproductive health in the context of homelessness. In doing so, it interrogates, critically, the binary distinction made in English homelessness legislation and policy between ‘single’ and ‘family’ homelessness that sees legislative frameworks act upon personal identities. The project begins with an empirical research study comprising in-depth narrative interviews with 40 homeless women. The study team also intend to develop the project further through events, symposia and networks of interested parties across the academy and beyond to share ideas and learning, develop partnerships, and support further funding bids.

Timeline: March – January 2020

Team:  Dr Kesia Reeve (Co-Investigator), Dr Emma Bimpson (Research Associate) and Dr Gareth Young (Knowledge Exchange)

Theme: Homelessness

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