Resident voice in housing governance

This project explores the processes and practices through which residents exert influence in housing governance. There has been limited attention to comparative analysis of resident voice in housing governance across tenures or organisational forms. While there are arguments in principle about the advantages and disadvantages of different organisational structures, including various types of resident participation in social, co-operative, and community-owned housing, consistent assessment of their different processes and practices is limited.

The project team will seek to develop a framework for thinking comparatively about the influence of resident voice across different tenures and organisational forms. It will then carry out exploratory empirical work to examine the utility of this framework. The project will be concerned not only with the extent of resident influence, but with the processes, structures, and organisational practices that enable or prohibit resident voice and influence.

Timeline: From March 2019

Team: Dr Tom Moore (Co-Investigator), Professor Alex Marsh (Co-Investigator), Dr Jenny Preece (Research Associate), Dr Chris Foye (Knowledge Exchange Associate)

Theme: Governance