The impact of the pandemic on housing and placemaking

To develop a coherent account of the way in which policymakers and local authorities had to make changes to the built environment to cope with the pandemic and to garner opinion on the likely future impact of COVID-19 on the delivery and design of housing and neighbourhoods that deliver wellbeing (social value).

The project will also collate data on the impact of the built environment of housing and neighbourhoods on wellbeing (social value), work that will tie into the other strands of research within CaCHE.

It builds very directly on the CaCHE project Delivering Design Value.

Team: Prof Flora Samuel (Lead Co-Investigator), Dr Neale Blair, Dr Bilge Serin and Dr Gareth Young (Knowledge Exchange)

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This is a part of a wider project being undertaken by CaCHE exploring housing policies and the COVID-19 pandemic.