The micro-economics of private housing development and land markets

This project will build on the work being undertaken by the CaCHE project, How does the land supply system affect the business of UK speculative housebuilding? An Evidence Review, to further increase our knowledge of the relationship between housing supply and house price inflation.

Using Northern Ireland as an initial case study, the project will review the evidence base to support the argument that higher levels of new housing supply act to control rates of growth in house prices. Using a mixed methodology, it will examine a number of related issues, including the scale of land banking activities, the responsiveness of developers to supply-side shifters (e.g. house prices and demographic trends), the impact of new construction methods on efficiency and the issue of economies of scale.

Timeline: January 2019 –

Team: Professor Chris Leishman (Co-I), Professor Stanley McGreal (Co-I), Professor Joe Frey (KE)

Theme: Markets