Understanding reconfigured aspirations, expectations and choice

Project Summary:

This project explores how perceptions and aspirations are changing in response to a radically and rapidly changing housing systems. In doing so, it aims to look beyond simple understandings of housing tenure, helping to recognise the ways in which different tenures have changed over time in relation to quality, security, affordability and control.

The project aims to: develop a robust international evidence base on reconfigured aspirations, expectations and choices; understand the trade-offs between different dwelling characteristics being made by households that inform shifting perceptions; critically analyse whether tenure represents a valid and appropriate lens through which to view housing aspirations and to focus policy; and engage with non-academic stakeholders about how housing policy and practice should respond to the findings.

Timeline: October 2017 – March 2018

Team: Professor John Flint (Co-I), Professor David Robinson (Co-I), Dr Jenny Preece (RA) and Dr Gareth Young (KE)

Theme: Choice

Output: Housing Studies Journal article, Understanding changing housing aspirations: a review of the evidence