Tenants’ priorities for reforming the PRS in Scotland

What do lower income tenants in Scotland’s private rented sector want to see from a new Rented Sector Strategy?

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, in partnership with the Scottish Government, has appointed a multi-disciplinary research team to deliver a new project exploring what people living on a low income want to see from further reform to the private rented sector in Scotland.

The Scottish Government have committed to tackling unaffordable rents and publishing a new Rented Sector Strategy by the end of 2021, informed by tenants and sensitive to current inequalities in housing, that will inform a new Housing Bill in 2022.

The research team from a consortium of universities including Edge Hill University, the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE), University of Stirling, University of Glasgow, and others, are working on a 10-month project to explore low-income tenants’ priorities for change. As well as identifying what needs to change from tenants’ perspectives, the research team will bring together tenants, housing specialists, landlords and policy makers to agree shared, specific, and deliverable recommendations for positive change.

For more information, contact: Dr Tom Simcock

Project team: Dr Tom Simcock, Dr Kim McKee, Dr Adriana Mihaela Soaita, Professor Alex Marsh, Dr Tom Moore, Dr Jennifer Harris and Dr Gareth James



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Scottish Housing News (3 September 2021): New project to explore tenants’ priorities for reforming of private rented sector