The aim of this theme is to better understand and apply housing choices, conceived as the outcomes of pathways, material, socially constructed preferences, expectations and externally created constraints. Doing so will inform the development of contemporary and future housing systems that are more effectively and equitably aligned with the aspirations and choices of different groups.

Our initial work has sought to develop a more rigorous conceptual understanding of the relationship between housing choices, expectations and aspirations and how these are formed and enacted. We have also sought to further understanding of the aspirations of generation rent.

We are currently pursuing projects that enable a stronger understanding of how choices and aspirations are related to new forms of exclusion within contemporary housing systems and to expand the focus of aspirations research beyond generation rent to older private sector renters.

We are always interested in exploring possibilities for developing collaborations that will allow us to expand our programme of choice work. Please get in touch with Professor John Flint or email if you would like to find out more.

Theme leads:

Professor John Flint (University of Sheffield) and Professor David Robinson (University of Sheffield)


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