Questions regarding how the housing system is governed occur at different spatial scales and in relation to the full range of housing topics. This theme interprets the term “governance” broadly. We can examine governance issues at micro-, meso- and macro-scales and we can examine them more abstractly.

Governance is therefore a cross-cutting theme for CaCHE. It addresses questions such as how housing problems are perceived and the way in which those perceptions shape policy responses. Questions of what influences the formation of policy at different spatial scales, and the effectiveness of policy implementation are centrally relevant. A key part of our early work is to consider processes of policy transfer and translation between jurisdictions, and how the evolving governance of the UK affects these processes.

Institutional changes of various types – including the evolution of housing organisations and how they relate to their service users – are crucial governance questions. The ways in which legal and regulatory frameworks influence the operation of housing markets and housing organisations will also be central to our work programme. The latter topic overlaps with the work we are doing through our collaboration with TDS Charitable Foundation and the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust on the private rented sector programme.

Further information about projects being delivered within the governance theme is available in this briefing document:

We are always interested in exploring possibilities for developing collaborations that will allow us to expand our programme of governance work. Please get in touch with the theme lead, Professor Alex Marsh or email, if you would like to find out more.

Theme lead

Professor Alex Marsh (University of Bristol)


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