Briefing paper: UK private rented sector data

Coherent and robust statistics are key to understanding the private rented sector and the way in which it is changing. Whilst a wide range of statistics provide a considerable amount of information, there are still several gaps in what we know about the sector. This briefing paper identifies and provides a critical commentary of the main data sets which are available across the UK.

  • The briefing identifies and provides details on 30 key data sets that could be used to estimate the size of the PRS in each jurisdiction.
  • Lack of information on landlord behaviour and a lack of disaggregated and granular geographical data are important data gaps which currently exist.
  • Whilst there have been some encouraging developments, there needs to be continued and sustained emphasis on the development of private rented sector data by UK government statistical agencies.

Authors: Prof Scott Orford and Dr Jennifer Harris



Date: September 3, 2020 9:00 am

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