Briefings: Living through the building safety crisis

Three research briefings have been produced to inform and influence policy debates relating to the building safety crisis or ‘cladding scandal’ in England.

These briefings draw on a CaCHE research project exploring the impact of living with building safety problems on the mental wellbeing of leaseholders. The briefings highlight some of the wider effects of the building safety crisis on leaseholders in all types of buildings, their family and friendship networks, and the wider housing market. They underscore the need for equitable, guaranteed protection from costs of remediation works, a risk-based approach to remediation, and extended Government support to ensure that – where required – buildings are remediated so that leaseholders can move on with their lives.

Author: Dr Jenny Preece


Briefing 1: A new and enduring public health crisis












Briefing 2: Ripple effect – family, politics, housing markets












Briefing 3: Levelling down life chances















Date: March 21, 2022 12:00 pm


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