Cross disciplinary review of placemaking literature

Key messages:

– This literature mapping focuses on place-making literature and presents a cross-disciplinary cut of current literature.

– As part of the mapping process, ‘literature mapping’ is developed as a methodology to produce a broad literature mapping in a limited timeframe. This working paper presents the research methodology by discussing its development processes (comparing and contrasting available academic indexes, their limitations and strengths, and recommendations on their future use).

– The mapping reviews the aspects of place-making literature through related concepts, emerging trends, sub-fields and emerging research interests from various disciplines. Therefore, it provides a base for forthcoming evidence reviews under ‘Housing and Neighbourhood Design, Sustainability and Place-making’ theme.

– The results show an extensive interest in various disciplines in place-making as a concept and in its various aspects, as well as demonstrating the increasing interest in urban design literature in social and perceptual aspects of design.

Author(s): Bilge Serin
Published: 17 April 2017
Categorised in: Design and planning
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