Cross-party group on housing – report on rent control

Set against the backdrop of increasing rental unaffordability, rising inflation, higher interest rates and the wider energy cost crisis, the Scottish Government introduced emergency legislation to freeze rents for private and social housing tenants until 31 March 2023.

This report by the Cross-Party Group on Housing (which was completed just as the Government announced its intention to introduce the emergency legislation) aims to better understand and explore the likely alternative methods of delivering rent control for Scotland. It reflects the breadth of initial positions taken by members of the CPG and sets out the key issues arising from committing to rent control in Scotland.

The report starts from the premise that rent control is coming and suggests the debate should now be about good policy design, minimising unwanted outcomes and thinking hard about the rental market’s place in the wider housing system.

Author(s): Ken Gibb, Gareth James, Ken Smith
Published: 10/09/2022
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