Evidence review of home adaptations in the UK and other OECD countries
In the context of a steadily ageing society and the continuing impetus to expand appropriate residential solutions in the community for older people, CaCHE is pursuing a series of interlocked projects that consider different aspects of housing adaptations policy and practice in Scotland.

The Adaptations Policy and Practice Programme involves a partnership of projects between CaCHE and the University of Stirling, HACT, Horizon housing association and Age Scotland. The first output from this project is an international evidence review that draws on the relevant academic literature, led by Dr Yang Wang at the University of Glasgow. The review is centred around a three part framework: client, process and outcomes.

This paper asks three key questions:

  1. Who need home adaptations
  2. Who provides adaptations and what works as examples of good practice
  3. What are the main outcomes of such interventions?
Author(s): Yang Wang, Ken Gibb, Vikki McCall
Published: 22 May 2022
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