High-rise residential development

The UK’s biggest cities have recently experienced a surge in high-rise residential develoment. London and Manchester have seen the most development activity, with proposals, planning applications and construction starts increasing over the last five years. This ‘vertical urbanisation’ (Nethercote, 2018) is a dynamic phenomenon driven, in part, by flows of global capital. The UK’s experience follows well-established trends in property hotspots around the world like Hong Kong, New York, Sydney and Vancouver.

In this report, we argue that the impacts of high rise residential development in UK cities is yet to be fully interrogated and understood. We thus present an international evidence review on high-rise residential development – our contention being that there is much to learn from research conducted in other cities around the world. We have chosen to use the term ‘high-rise’ in this evidence review to encompass buildings that are also known as ‘skyscrapers’ or simply ‘tall buildings’.

Author(s): Bilge Serin, James White
Published: 28 April 2021
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