Housing in Scotland: Evidence for Scottish Government 2021-26

As we await the elections in Scotland this new paper sets out evidence-informed priorities for the incoming Scottish Government this draws on evidence researchers have produced in the last three years to build a case for policy ideas that they think are worthy of further consideration the new Scottish Government after the election in May.

The paper works through housing proposals across ten issues:

  • End to end evidence
  • Retrofit
  • Improving the existing housing stock
  • Land, planning and supply
  • Design value and neighbourhoods
  • Towards a social housing supply programme
  • Affordable intermediate interventions
  • Private renting
  • Wealth and tax reform
  • Homelessness prevention

Our aim is to promote the embedding of good evidence into housing policy and practice. We have reflected on the route map of Housing to 2040 which was published in March of this year and the impact of the COVID-19, and together these visions and pressing times helps us identify  pressing housing challenges in Scotland. We call for a consolidated end-to-end evidence approach to housing research and policy and drive new national policies to be supported by investment in professional capacity to deliver policy at the local level on the ground.

Housing in Wales: Evidence for Welsh Government 2021-26 was also published ahead of the Welsh election, setting out 12 key priorities.



Date: April 26, 2021 7:30 am

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