Housing insecurity and mental health: an evidence review

There is a large body of research exploring the relationships between mental health and housing (Shelter, 2017, Tsai, 2015). Whilst the associations are complex, how people feel about their housing has an impact on their mental health (Hulse and Saugeres, 2008). Given the reconfiguration of contemporary housing systems, with decreasing affordability, an increasing role for the private rented sector, and worsening housing outcomes compared to previous generations (Preece et al., 2019), it is timely to consider the associations between housing insecurity and mental health. This report focuses on three dimensions of housing insecurity: financial, spatial, and relational. Policy recommendations are made for a number of audiences, including UK and Welsh governments, research communities and mental health charities.

Author(s): Jenny Preece, Emma Bimpson
Published: 27 March 2019
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