Living through continuous displacement: Resisting homeless identities and remaking precarious lives

This article considers how individuals who experience continuous displacement from housing manage the ‘spoiled identity’ of homelessness. The research draws on in-depth, biographical interviews with 39 individuals living in Oxford, a high-cost UK city.


  • This paper explores the identities of individuals experiencing homelessness.
  • We use the framing of ‘continuous displacement’ to reflect experiences of precarity.
  • Individuals resisted homeless identities, maintaining a ‘normal’, housed, identity.
  • Participants tried to distance themselves from the stigma of homelessness.
  • Some reclaimed precarious identities as a source of value, denied by homelessness.

The full article is available on the Geoforum journal website.

Authors: Dr Jenny Preece and Dr Elisabeth Garratt



Date: September 1, 2020 5:44 pm

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