Net zero retrofit of older tenement housing – The contribution of cost-benefit analysis to wider evaluation of a demonstration project

The United Kingdom is legally committed to net zero by 2050; Scotland by 2045. How much will retrofitting older homes contribute to meeting net zero? What lessons can we learn from demonstrator projects? We present
results from a social cost-benefit analysis of a demonstrator retrofit carried out on a Victorian tenement building in Scotland. The paper discusses the process and implications of this analysis, while also providing lessons
learned from the wider evaluation. The cost-benefit analysis indicates that retrofitting provides better social value than demolition and new building in this project. However, the optimal amount of investment in retro-
fitting is sensitive to the assumptions made. Furthermore, the wider evaluation findings suggest it may be difficult to transport findings from any one setting to another. Local context matters.

Author(s): Ken Gibb, Anthony Higney
Published: 28 May 2024
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