Policy brief: creating inclusive housing with care environments for older people

There is emerging evidence that older people from social minority groups are being discriminated against within housing with care schemes (HCS), negatively impacting their wellbeing and increasing isolation and loneliness. There is a pressing concern to raise awareness of the role that on-site staff and people-centred policy and practice plays within housing with care schemes (HCS) for older people.

This briefing provides new evidence to help practitioners and housing providers deliver high-quality, age-friendly housing with care and support provided on site (otherwise known as housing with care). Based on 72 interviews with residents and a survey of 741 residents from 95 schemes, including residents from diverse groups, the findings presented here will help providers to deliver better policies and practices within schemes to tackle discrimination, enhance social interaction, develop more inclusive environments, and reduce isolation of residents, especially those from social minority groups.

As the UK continues to experience an increasingly ageing population, demand for more varied housing options is growing. Housing with care (for example, extra care and independently living schemes) is one form of housing that is anticipated to become more popular with people as they get older, allowing them to live independent and fulfilling lives within communities of their choosing and at a time they feel appropriate in their life course.

The findings and recommendations presented here draw on a three-year study Diversity with Care Environments (DICE).

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Date: June 22, 2023 3:53 pm


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