Public participation in planning in the UK: A review of the literature

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That public participation in planning has extensive social, environmental and economic benefits is becoming increasingly well known. Public participation in Planning in the UK is a ground breaking review of research since 2010 on participation, engagement and consultation in planning with a focus on the UK, but with lessons applicable to other places. It includes a series of recommendations for a policy and industry audience the most important of which is that Code of Conduct is urgently needed for community consultation across the UK to improve its inclusion and impact.

The report is the result of a collaboration between CACHE and the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded Community Consultation for Quality of Life Project (CCQoL). CCQoL will produce a series of recommendations for digital and face to face community consultation building on learning developed through experimental consultation spaces, urban rooms, in each of the four nations which are taking place during the summer of 2022. The project is a collaboration with the Quality of Life Foundation, the digital platform Commonplace and Urban Symbiotics. Building on the findings in this literature review CCQoL plans to publish a series of reports on consultation in each of the diverse planning contexts of the four UK nations early in 2023.

Authors: Dr Victoria Lawson, Dr Ruchit Purohit, Prof Flora Samuel, John Brennan, Prof Lorraine Farrelly, Dr Saul Golden, and Prof Mhairi McVicar



Date: April 29, 2022 9:00 am

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