Reviewing the housing supply literature

Key messages:

– This literature mapping focuses on housing supply literature that emerged since 2005. The mapping is geographically limited to the UK and the timeframe is based on including both sides of the 2008 pre- and post-crash period.

– As part of the mapping process, ‘literature mapping’ is developed as a
methodology to produce a broad literature mapping in a limited timeframe. This working paper also presents the research methodology by discussing how it was developed.

– The mapping reviews aspects of housing supply literature through related concepts, emerging trends and research interests within this timeframe. Therefore, it provides a base for forthcoming evidence reviews under the ‘Housing Markets’ theme.

– The results show a growing interest in various aspects of sustainability in
relation to housing supply such as climate responsive approaches to
residential construction, energy consumption and energy efficiency in existing and new-build homes.

Author(s): Bilge Serin
Published: 12 July 2018
Categorised in: Housing supply
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