Stakeholder engagement on the private rented sector and changing housing aspirations

This briefing provides a thematic summary of post-presentation discussions by stakeholders who attended the event organised by CaCHE on 15 January 2019 as part of its ongoing collaborative work with the Department for Communities Northern Ireland.

The event included three presentations based on recently published CaCHE research reports on the overlapping themes of making better use of private rented sector data, changing housing aspirations and the challenges faced by younger households who rent privately. Summaries of the three CaCHE reports are included for ease of reference.

Key messages emerging from the discussions included:

  • Landlord registration offers the potential to significantly increase our knowledge of the private rented sector, but enforcement at a time of resource constraints remains a real challenge.
  • The private rented sector will continue to provide the only realistic housing solution for many newly forming households for the foreseeable future. Addressing the issues of security of tenure and affordability requires a policy response that balances the interests of tenants and landlords and policy development may benefit from drawing on
    experience from other countries.

Author: Professor Joe Frey

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Date: May 14, 2019 4:33 pm



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