Student homelessness in Glasgow 2022
Experiences, interpretations and possible solutions

About the study and Road to Home

The project was led by Prof Kenneth Gibb, Director of the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence. The work was supported by Dr Victoria Lawson, research associate, and Katy Dickson, post graduate intern within Road to Home. All three carried out interviews.

They are grateful to everyone who made time to participate and answer questions. The Road to Home is a University corporate and civic priority focused on homelessness in Glasgow. It was established in 2021 and is led by Kenneth Gibb and Dr David Duncan and administered by Caragh Keith. Road to Home seeks to use the value-added skills of the University community to support a wide range of homelessness prevention, services, education, and research. Further information can be found on its webpage.

Author(s): Ken Gibb, Victoria Lawson, Katy Dickson
Published: 13 March 2024
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