The ‘frustrated’ housing aspirations of generation rent

Lack of security of tenure, due to the short-term lets typically associated with living in the PRS, was a major source of stress and anxiety for tenants in England (tenancy arrangements now differ in Scotland). This made it difficult for people to feel settled, put down roots, and make a home and life for themselves in their community. The high cost of renting, in terms of the proportion of people’s incomes it took up, further contributed to their sense of precarity. This was exacerbated by low and insecure incomes, all of which made saving for a mortgage deposit difficult. For some, even sharing with others did not make renting affordable to them and resulted in homelessness

Author(s): Adriana Mihaela Soaita, Kim McKee
Published: 30 August 2018
Categorised in: Private rented sector
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