The micro-economics of private housing development and land markets

This project reviews the evidence base that supports, or otherwise, the argument that higher levels of housing supply suppress growth in housing prices. It was inspired by the fact that much of the research activity examining housing supply and housebuilding in the post-Barker Review period had an explicit focus on England. This project deploys case studies of Scotland and Northern Ireland. It also includes a rapid evidence review designed to re-examine the arguments, and the evidence, about the impacts of new housing supply on housing affordability in the United Kingdom. In particular, it begins with a focus on the macro or aggregate viewpoints, before looking through a behavioural and microeconomic lens that focuses on a developer perspective on the challenges of increasing housing supply.

Authors: Prof Chris Leishman, Prof Joe Frey and Prof Stanley McGreal



Date: September 7, 2020 9:00 am

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