Professor Aimee Ambrose


Prof Aimee Ambrose is a Co-Investigator with the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE).


Prof Aimee Ambrose is Professor of Energy Policy at the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) at Sheffield Hallam University. She has been researching energy transitions from social and cultural perspectives for 15 years. Her research interests are broadly concerned with environmental, social science and coalesce around understanding the lived experiences that result from domestic energy policy and how policy ‘lands’ differentially across social groups, places and even within households.

She favours interdisciplinary methods to explore this, working with historians, fine artists, architects, and political scientists and applying methods such as oral histories, embodiment and film making to the study of domestic energy. She currently leads a large, international, interdisciplinary project called Justheat: A social and Cultural History of Heating, which seeks to learn from lived experience of past home heating transitions to promote greater fairness in the current transition towards low carbon heating. Aimee is also currently leading a project called Off Grid Communities, funded by Northern Powergrid and Northern Gas Networks to develop technically feasible and socially acceptable decarbonisation solutions for fully off grid homes and a programme of work design to understand what locks in high consumption practices in wealthy households. My current theoretical interests include using Actor Network Theory to understand why changes to heating technologies in the home can be slow to embed and developing alternatives to the much vaunted concept of the ‘just transition’, including the notion of a ‘generous transition’ and a ‘caring transition’.

Prof Aimee Ambrose Headshot
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