Our impact

Our knowledge exchange approach is driven by achieving meaningful outcomes and supported by effective communication.


Knowledge exchange for impact

Knowledge exchange is where experts and enthusiasts collaborate to drive change. Our approach is simple: connect academics, research users, and communities to exchange ideas and expertise for societal, economic, and cultural impact.


Our approach

Our knowledge exchange journey leverages proven strategies and existing literature. We’re dedicated to weaving evidence into policymaking and practice, overcoming challenges, and ensuring quality.


Diverse expertise

Housing solutions arise from diverse minds. We unite world-leading academics across disciplines, bridging professional communities and linking networks on various scales and locales.


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Nationwide engagement

Diverse housing challenges demand a national approach. Operating across the UK, our five regional hubs and resident groups enable co-created research priorities.


Maximising impact

We amplify research impact with our communications and engagement colleagues through effective communication strategies and promotional campaigns.



Witness evidence in action at our knowledge exchange events. Workshops and conferences dive deep into housing challenges, testing, refining, and promoting evidence from reviews and research.

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