Garrett Grainger

Garrett Grainger

Research Associate


I am an urban sociologist who uses mixed methods to answer the following questions: How do cities govern urban homelessness? How do urban political economies constrain/facilitate local governance? How do techniques of homeless governance vary across urban political economies? Each question engages interdisciplinary debates about the form, function, and legitimacy of homeless governance in neoliberal cities.

My dissertation research examined techniques that homeless service providers in the USA use to deliver Housing First in a stratified urban rental market. That research analyzed the resources, processes, and strategies that service providers use to transform homeless service recipients into transactionable renters. I am now extending that research in two ways. First, I have started an interview-based study about forecasting methods that welfare managers in the USA are using to allocate permanent supportive housing to people suffering homelessness. Second, I am using spatial and quantitative data/methods to analyze the impact of NIMBYism on affordable housing developments in the USA.

At CaCHE, I am contributing to two research projects about UK social housing. The first project examines interorganizational conflicts that are associated with social housing allocation. That research analyzes institutional factors that strain the relationship between local authorities and housing associations and hinder applicants who are statutorily homeless from becoming social tenants. The second project examines the use of “futures” by housing associations to make long-term decisions about social housing development. Results from that research will be used to promote sustainable practices by social landlords. Both projects advance academic and applied literatures.

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