Alice Earley

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Alice Earley

Research Associate


Alice Earley is a temporary Research Assistant at CaCHE, based at the University of Glasgow. She is working on two of the COVID-19 projects. The first considers COVID-19 and domestic abuse, tracing changes in policy, legislation and discourse, while the second is examining housing systems, their institutions and their resilience.

Alice recently submitted her ESRC-funded PhD in Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow (awaiting viva), exploring the role of community-based social enterprises, and specifically their community managed assets, in regeneration and gentrification over time in England and Scotland. The study considered how far, if at all, community owned/ managed assets, along with other factors, including long-standing community organisations and affordable housing, can help to limit some of the challenges typically associated with gentrification (such as displacement), and allow community-led regeneration to take place for the benefit of local residents.

Alice has a background in geography, regeneration and urban studies. She holds an MRes in Urban Research from the University of Glasgow, an MSc in Urban Regeneration from University College London and an MA (Hons) in Geography from the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include the relationship between regeneration and gentrification; housing and socioeconomic inequalities; the role of social and community enterprise within different policy agendas; and community asset ownership and management.

Prior to starting her PhD, Alice worked in public policy, regeneration and economic development research and consultancy in both London and Glasgow. While studying for her PhD, Alice also taught as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Social and Public Policy and completed a Scottish Graduate School internship in Public Service Reform at the Scottish Government.

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